Friday, November 11, 2011

Kindle Fire Giveaway

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This is a great giveaway! Two kindle fires! Make sure you guys take a look at the giveaway times running out! I've been wanting an e-reader for awhile, hopefully this is it! Go to and enter the giveaway!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I was in class today and my teacher was talking about how she wanted to boycott Unilever because of the AXE commercials. Have you guys ever wanted to boycott something? If so what? Looking at the accusations against Unilever it may really not be worth a boycott. Yes, the things that they are accused of are horrible, but the products that they supply are something that people cannot cut out of their lives. To name a few, AXE, Dove, Bertolli, TREsemme,Cutex, St. Ives, and Vaseline. Out of the products I listed I myself use/d all of those products. I think that there are other alternatives to products, but the other companies might be doing the same things. Unless you want to utilize most of your time researching products and their producers as well as spending a lot of money to fund this GO GREEN lifestyle, a boycott on a company such as Unilever may not be a smart idea. I just wanted to know what you guys had to say about it?

Way to be Healthy

Recently I was looking through the blog of Fabulous Finds () && this struck me. I cannot believe the facts this picture has to offer. Trying to get healthy is hard, but here is something to reinforce that diet you're on. Hopefully you guys take a look at it!


So I have decided to take a chance at luck with some contest ever since CPA Mom had the contest for a t-shirt. I've entered about twenty so far, and I'm excited. I think that it is so much fun especially since these contests are opening my eyes to new blogs. It's my first break at school so while attending to my studies I plan on posting a few things on here and seeing how it goes. I know that I don't have many readers, but I hope in time that it will change!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Week

So I know that I have not written much within the last week, however it has been quite busy. My Grandpa's sister passed away from Breast  Cancer last week, so the weekend was filled with preparation and sadness. On Saturday I got an outfit to wear, and Sunday I worked until 1 and went to the wake. The people who came were very thoughtful. I did not think my Great Grandma could handle it, but I think these people who showed up gave her relief. However, we provided food and beverages for the people who came and one family went into the room where the food was, and the husband said, "Okay kids, fill grab something to drink and eat." The kids shoved cans of soda into their pockets and gabbed tons of food. The wife didn't take anything because we did not have cherry coke, and then she had the nerve to comment on my grandmother's Cadillac. Although people came to be respectful and mourn, some people were truly rude. My aunt's boss showed up and signed the guest book and left. I credit him for coming, but not to say a word is rude. It was a great time of gathering and discussing the wonderful woman my aunt was, but also a big time of sadness. Monday morning I did not attend classes even though my English teacher said he would drop me, and I went to the funeral. I did a reading at mass, and the day went by fairly quickly. The groundsmen at the cemetery were rude and threw around peoples decorations ot make room for the trucks, but even worse they moved out flowers from where we put them after we left. It has been such a tough week, but thank you to everyone who was there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


You know, I haven't known to many people with caner, but there have been a few in my family recently. My grandma's sister recently passed from breast cancer, and now my grandpa's sister is about to do the same. Twenty or so years ago she had breast cancer and had her breast removed. She lived cancer free for years. Just a few years ago a cancerous tumor appeared on her neck. A few days ago she was put in the hospital for her lung being filled with fluid. Yesterday the doctors said that her breast cancer spread onto her lung, and then it spread to the other lung, the cancer is eating her alive. She's had a stroke within the last few days, and her brain is working but she hasn't woken up. Tomorrow might be her last day. I thought that breast cancer was eliminated after the breast was removed. I never realized that breast cancer could spread over to the lungs. Cherish every moment you have with people around you because the next moment it may be gone. Please keep my family in your prayers.


So for the past few weeks I have been driving my friend to her job which is about fifteen minutes from Dominican University. It's a far drive, and the area is a horrible area in which she works in. If I did not drive her she would have to walk there or take the bus, and that is not safe. Yesterday she told met hat her friend was going to work there too, and she wanted to know if I could drive her friend they would both give me gas money. I said sure that's not a big deal, so later when I told her that it was going to be $10 a month for each of them which is for 8 days, she said sorry but I can't afford that. I didn't think that was an unreasonable price.  She thought it was too much, I was furious. How are you going to offer me money and then when I tell you ten dollars for a month you say it's too much . She said they would just walk from now on. Well its a good hour walk, through horrible neighborhoods, and it's getting cold. Well here's to you dumb girls. When you get a taste of Chicago let me know. It's so ridiculous. I'm too nice of a person and I'm done. I don't deserve to be stepped on this many times. If you want to potentially be raped walking to work, fine. This is not your valley from St. Louis, this is CHICAGO. So here's a taste of my city attitude, and hopefully that's the only taste of Chicago you get. Don't EVER ask me for anything again.